USC is the funland for soccer! Join a week or day camp with USC. Stay out of the rain or the beating sun while still enjoying the fresh air all day long.

Urban Camps

For 5-13 Year Olds


  • North Van
  • Langley

USC Soccer Camps are one of a kind! Youth players come in and enjoy a fun and unique environment to develop. The program incorporates TOCA training in small groups as well as a small sided 3 v 3 portion in The Cage to maximize touches and game-like scenarios. The Clubhouse gives players a chance to enjoy a break and eat snacks. 

The camps are designed to be an exciting and unique setting with a maximum of 24 kids registered per camp. Through our 8:1 player to coach ratio and kids grouped by age, we create an environment where players can improve on their game while feeling like a kid in a candy shop.

Day Camps (Pro-D Days or Holidays)

$95 per player – 9am-3pm

Week Long Camps
$320 per player – 9am-1pm

Camp Offerings

2020 camp dates coming December 2019

Week Long Camps
$320 per player – 9am-1pm

Camp Offerings

2020 camp dates coming december 2019

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