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TOCA Training is a thoughtful balance between technology, training, and motivation. TOCA players are not born, but they are made by their effort in a mistake-friendly environment best suited to breed confidence and to develop well-rounded players through quality repetitions and game-like simulations.

Our balanced and customised training, coupled with our small-ball philosophy, refines the players’ strengths and improves upon their weaknesses allowing them to find their best. We also focus on empowering our players and freeing them to set and achieve personal goals.

In a typical 90-minute soccer practice, recreational players only average 6 minutes of on ball time, and more importantly, average only 30 situational on ball plays. TOCA training enhances the number of quality touches in an environment that recreates situations that occur in the game. A private hour TOCA session can exceed 400 situational repetitions and game situations such as receiving and passing, receiving and shooting, cutting out a pass and securing a pass, and cutting out a pass and beating a player. These are a few examples of the types of situations that get recreated in a TOCA studio. With a tech-centric focus to increase repetition, accompanied by personal trainer guidance, TOCA training can vastly speed up player development. By nature, the TOCA machine has no personality keeping a positive environment without external influences to support player confidence.

Mastering Learning

TOCA Training objectively identifies strengths and weaknesses. This focuses the development of core skills and enables players to step up to higher-paced playing environments.


TOCA trainer delivers a game’s worth of quality touches in a matter of minutes. This dramatically improves comfort and competence on the ball. TOCA uses a smaller ball for increased concentration and lower body impact. All players get the same amount of touches, regardless of their skill level.


TOCA is based on a Touch to Time ratio, to maximize development for all players. Players are continually engaged and forced to make decisions under quick time restraints. By basing training on a Touch to Time ratio, the goal is to achieve maximum growth in minimum time.


The versatility of the augmented game-like environment allows players to focus on core skill areas in a short amount of time. USC is committed to cognitive awareness training. Our new light-based 360 awareness tech is here!


Recreating game-like situations in a low-impact, injury avert setting is not easy for an elite athlete. With the TOCA setting we can increase repetitions while increasing/decreasing energy output accordingly. 

With the use of short pile, rubberless indoor turf, USC pitches decreases harmful friction and wear-and-tear on the players body. Accompanied by the use of flat soled shoes, the player will further minimize the chance of injury that is so common on regular, artificial turf. TOCA sessions can exceed 400 situational repetitions and provide the game-speed and cognitive processing speeds that are required to sharpen and enhance during return to play and pre-season preparations periods. Elite athletes also tend to use TOCA prior to game-days to sharpen-up and focus in on key-actions for performance perfection.


TOCA for youth development is all about repetition in a fun and engaging platform. TOCA sessions can exceed 400 situational repetitions. 

Game situations like receiving and passing, receiving and shooting, cutting out a pass and securing a pass, cutting out a pass then beating a player are a few examples of the types of situations that gets recreated in a TOCA studio. The coach can focus on the player’s attributes and let the technology run and enhance the session. Our new light-based, 360 awareness tech further enhances game-like training like never before. With TOCA + enhanced lights, it is like having 5 players to play with or against except you get all the game play! Train on your own for a pure development setting, or train with your friends for a balanced development and social/competitive setting.


Young players tend to excel in the TOCA environment due to the gamification of the environment. It’s not about taking them away from tech, it’s about putting their interest in tech to good use! 

If a player feels like they are playing soccer in a video-game-like setting, then we feel they can find their best. Our coaching staff focuses on the fun factor for kids, as by nature, the TOCA setting is a modern take on elite development soccer training. Kids love coming in and playing fun TOCA competitions with their friends!


TOCA is like the batting cage for soccer players; you can smash volleys with your friends for hours and it will never get old! TOCA provides awesome competitions and games for players of any age and ability that will keep you engaged and sweating.

If you’re a soccer enthusiast and looking for a new way to get in shape, then TOCA has you covered. Our personal trainers put the “fun” back in functional fitness, so if you are looking to train in a unique way, we dare you to try and get through an hour of hardcore TOCA!

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